• Individual, Couple and Family Counseling and Therapy in Calgary
    • 30 years clinical experience
    • Centrally located in Calgary with easy free parking
    • Covered by most insurance plans. Deductible as medical expense on taxes
    • EMDR for every type of trauma, including complex and resistant trauma; cognitive-behavioral, hormone and neurotransmitter assessment and correction for mood disorders
    • A variety of treatments for specialized issues including:
      • New treatments for OCD (Obsessive- Compulsive Disorder) for children and adults
      • Coaching for parents of OCD children
      • Best practice treatments and strategies for Sexual Dysfunctions in men and women. We address underlying factors such as trauma, hormone imbalance and relationship issues. Common problems treated include:
        • Low Libido
        • Erectile Dysfunction
        • Inorgasmia (difficulty with orgasm)
        • Vaginisimus (painful sex for women)
        • Critical Incident Group Debriefing
  • Curing The Winter Blues

    Read a Calgary Herald article listing Maureen’s tips for thriving in a tough time of year:
    Put the January blahs behind you

    The Book

    Maureen’s book has been endorsed by Dr. Christiane Northrup and Dr. Bernie Siegel. It is available at local bookstores and through Amazon: Maureen’s Amazon page

    The Book The 6 Quantum Secrets to an Amazing Life: Transforming Mind, Body and Spirit© reveals the most common hidden blocks that can be removed to create a great life. Find out more

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    For a professional peer review of Maureen’s book, view the Journal of EMDR Practice and Research PDF.

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  • Private Practice

    Maureen has more than 30 years as a consulting psychotherapist, providing:

    • Individual and couple therapy through her private practice in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
    • Intensives, which are individual or couple healing processes condensed into 2-5 days for out-of-town clients.
    • Telephone and Skype (internet) consultation for out-of-town clients and clinicians

    Maureen provides hormone testing and consultation to men and women to assist in mood management, sexual functioning, weight and relationship health. Did you know that hidden gut issues, thyroid and hidden hormone imbalances often underlie these issues?

    Maureen also teaches clinical and lay audiences internationally. Current and past highlights include:

    • Educating clinicians about strategic healing methods, throughout Canada, the U.S. and Australia
    • Educating member nations at the United Nations in 2008 on psychological aspects of the global sex trade.

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